Laws and Regulations of Dumpster Rentals

If you are doing a major remodeling project or you just want to get rid of some household trash, hiring a dumpster hauler will be the best option. They will get rid of your stuff in a safe and secure manner. However, before you rent a dumpster, it is important to be aware of some important things:

Here is a list of items that you can throw in a dumpster and are allowed. Get a complete list of prohibited or hazardous items at the Quick Dumpster Quotes website. They specifically and thoroughly go through dumpster laws and regulations as well as give you a great understanding of what items are allowed and which ones aren’t.

Quick Dumpster Quotes

1. Furniture: Generally, most of the furniture, like chairs and tables are allowed in a dumpster container. However, in some areas, you may have to pay an additional fee for transporting furniture.

2. Appliances: In most places, popular household appliances like a TV or a fridge are allowed in a dumpster. However, if the quantity is very high, then you may have to take permission from national waste authorities. For example, if you are clearing out your office and want to get rid of all the computers, then you may have to obtain permission first.

Apart from these, other common items like yard waste including branches of trees, bush are allowed in dumpsters. Construction debris like asphalt, bricks, and roofing shingles are also generally allowed in dumpsters.

What not to throw in a dumpster: Here are some of the things which you should definitely not throw in the dumpster:

1. Chemicals: Chemicals like pesticides and solvents can be extremely dangerous and shouldProhibited Chemicals not be thrown in a dumpster. The workers may also get injured if they come in contact with these chemicals. There are several other ways to get rid of these chemicals.

2. Batteries: Batteries may seem harmless but they can be extremely harmful. Despite their small size, they contain a large amount of mercury and lead. When they are thrown in a landfill along with the other wastes, these chemicals leak and can cause a significant damage to the environment.

3. Paints: Paints also contain a large amount of oil and chemicals. When they are thrown, they may leak and damage the water supply. However, empty paint cans may be allowed in a dumpster.

How to fill the dumpster: In the case of general waste and household items, you can fill the dumpster right up to the top. However, make sure that nothing sticks out of the top as some of the items may fall off while transporting. And in the case of some materials like gravel and dirt, you can fill up to the marked line. Every dumpster will have a marked safety line. If you cross the line, then it may be dangerous.

Picking the right size: Dumpsters comes in all sizes. You have to carefully pick the right size. Measure your trash carefully and rent a dumpster as per your needs. If you rent a small sized dumpster, then you may need to hire an additional one. To be on the safe side, you can pick an oversized dumpster. They will cost a bit more but at least there will be no chance of your trash spilling from the dumpster.

The size of the Driveway: If you have a driveway which is at least 10 feet wide, then you shouldn’t have a problem. A normal sized dumpster is around 8 feet wide and will be able to drive into your driveway comfortably. You also have to clean the driveway before and get rid of all the unnecessary items, so that the dumpster can enter comfortably. And in case you have a small driveway, the only option will be hiring a small sized truck.

Permit: Whether you require a permit or not for renting a dumpster completely depends on the rules and regulations in your state. It is your responsibility to contact the local authorities and find out whether you need a permit or not. And in case you need a permit, also make sure to know the cost of the permit and when to apply for the permit.

While renting a dumpster, also make sure that the dumpster is sturdy and is strong enough to carry heavy waste. There should be no loose parts or broken hinges. Also, try to keep your kids away from the dumpster. They will be curious to know what is inside and may hurt themselves.

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